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How to choose the suitcase for college freshmen
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How to choose the suitcase for college freshmen

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There are still a few days before the new students report. Many new students are already preparing for their own luggage purchases. Since they need to prepare their luggage, the luggage is very important. After all, our clothes and other supplies need to be packed in the luggage. If you buy a small one, you can’t hold too many things. If you buy a large one, it’s inconvenient to carry. You need to consider the overall structure of the suitcase. After all, some suitcases have different structures and different things that can be carried. So our suitcases should How to think about it?

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1. Luggage size

The size is actually the size of the suitcase. Generally, the size of the suitcase is between 24 and 28. Many girls have a lot of luggage, but they did not make their own plans, they just bought the largest suitcase. In fact, this is A wrong idea, let’s not talk about the amount of luggage, each size of luggage is different in size, and the weight is also different, and buying a large size luggage, after loading everything, may not be able to lift it, we should Do what you can, and buy according to your own luggage. Generally, 24-inch or 26-inch luggage is enough for us!

2. How to seal the suitcase

General luggage is divided into two types: buckle and zipper. These two different sealing methods are actually different from the luggage that we can carry. Generally, college freshmen use zipper luggage. This is because of the university. Newborn luggage is forcibly stuffed in. The snap-on seal box can’t put all our luggage in, while the zipper luggage can be forced into the luggage by pressing. It is relatively strong and will not burst open!

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3.Luggage quality

It can be said that our luggage needs to accompany us for several years, so the quality of the luggage needs us to grasp it, after all, the sturdiness of the entire luggage means our future service life, and the size and quality of the wheels are also very important. , After all, some suitcases have large wheels, but the quality is very poor. As long as the luggage is heavy, it is easy to jam. Therefore, the quality of the suitcase is very important! The direction of the wheels of the suitcase is also very important. Fixed wheels are the most prone to wear. Generally, it is better to buy a suitcase with universal wheels.

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