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How to choose children's trolley
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How to choose children's trolley

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Many parents may have such a question: Is it necessary to prepare a child's suitcase for the child when traveling with the child? Although an extra suitcase may be a little more burdensome, because sometimes children will inevitably be tired and unwilling to pull the suitcase by themselves, in general, having an exclusive suitcase for the child's independence and its ability to organize and summarize have benefits. So, how should parents choose children's suitcases suitable for their children?

Children's trolley case


The material of children's luggage can be divided into two types: soft case and hard case. The soft box and the hard box have their own advantages and disadvantages. The cloth suitcase is strong and durable, but it is not waterproof; while the plastic is waterproof but not as durable as the cloth. Plastic luggage is not easy to deform, the volume is fixed, and it is more convenient to store; the fabric luggage is more expandable, so as the luggage increases, the volume will increase, which is not very convenient. Plastic suitcases are easy to clean. Wipe them with a soft, soft cloth; cloth suitcases are not easy to clean.

For children, there will not be too much luggage to go out. The plastic suitcase is better than the children's suitcase made of cloth. It is not easy to deform. When you are tired, you can temporarily sit in the suitcase and take a break. It is also more convenient to clean. .

Children's trolley case


Whether a suitcase can be used for a long time, the accessories are the most important. There are two accessories that determine the service life of the suitcase to a large extent-wheels and tie rods. Imagine how embarrassing it is that the wheels of the luggage in the airport have fallen and the tie rods are broken. Therefore, you must carefully understand the wheels and levers when choosing a child's suitcase.

Wheels: The suitcase with universal wheels is more suitable for children. It can rotate 360 degrees arbitrarily without too much effort (the child has little effort). Check whether the surface of the wheels is shiny. The quality of the shiny and rough wheels is better; then check the wheels Whether it is firm, lift the box to let the wheels leave the ground, and gently turn the wheel to turn it to see if it shakes left and right; finally put the box flat and pull it back and forth to see if the wheels roll smoothly, the lower the sound, the better.

Tie rods: Tough pull straps are better than metal tie rods, because metal things will inevitably hurt children. Tough pull straps are not dangerous for children, and there are no snaps, which is convenient and labor-saving.

Children's trolley case

Unpacking method

The general way to open a child's suitcase is a zipper or a buckle. The zipper depends on the quality of the zipper, because once it breaks, it means that the suitcase cannot be used or repaired; the buckle is more convenient and durable, and the appearance It's also a lot of fashion. For children, the zipper can accidentally pinch fingers, or hold clothes or the like, which is a bit dangerous. The buckle design is more suitable for children.

Children's trolley case


The items in the children's suitcase are generally used by children, so choose the size that can be carried on the plane.

The 16-inch suitcase can be carried on the plane, but the capacity is really a bit small, and it may not be possible to put other daily items.

The 20-inch luggage can be carried on the plane, and it is also convenient to carry, suitable for short trips of three to five days.

The 24-inch suitcase can't be taken on the plane, it needs to be checked, so you need to take out the items that children will use on the plane.

On the whole, the 20-inch is just right. You can take it on the plane, and the capacity is enough for children.

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