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How to choose a practical trolley case?
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How to choose a practical trolley case?

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There are many kinds of trolley cases. What should I pay attention to when choosing a suitable trolley case? Again, share some precautions and suggestions for purchasing a trolley case. The appearance of the trolley case has brought great convenience to people, and at the same time it has given us a faster quality of life. In life and travel, the trolley case plays a vital role. The trolley luggage is covered with aviation labels, which is the so-called special luggage-aviation check-in box. This is not only a testimony of travel experience, but also makes this trolley luggage full of the taste of the journey, making trolley luggage an indispensable part of travel The missing member has become the consensus of travelers. So what should we pay attention to when choosing a trolley case?

Trolley case

If you want to take it with you on the plane, you need to choose a box of 20 inches or smaller. Boxes of 28 inches and below can enjoy free air consignment service.

If you go abroad, try to choose a trolley case designed with tsa customs lock, because during customs inspection, you will use the special tsa key to open the box for inspection. If the box does not have a tsa customs lock, you should open the box code lock in advance before accepting the inspection, otherwise The customs will force a broken lock inspection.

Boxes without tsa lock design can also be purchased separately with tsa customs lock. (Here is only for going abroad)

Friends should not only consider the style and brand when buying a trolley case, but also consider the material, size and style of the trolley case. If you can buy a 20-inch one, try not to buy a 24-inch one, because the smaller the box, the easier it is to carry. At the same time, the price of the trolley case is also low. Of course, if you have a lot of luggage and you cannot fit the 20-inch box, you have to buy more boxes such as 24 inch, 28 inch or even 32 inch. This depends on the individual different.

Trolley case

It is best to buy a trolley case with an outer pocket, because when you go out, you need to take out your personal items such as paper towels, water, umbrellas and so on from time to time. If the box does not have an outer bag, you must open the box every time you want to take something. , This is very troublesome, so the trolley case is equipped with 1~2 outer pockets, and you can pull down the zipper with your hand to get your belongings.

Generally, when people buy boxes, the lighter the better. This is also a misunderstanding. Although the current manufacturing technology of trolley boxes is constantly innovating, and the materials used in the boxes are getting better and better, if the boxes are too light, it is very It is likely that the material of this box is suspected of cutting corners, because the cheaper the box, the lighter the box with poor material.

The purchase of a trolley case not only depends on the style, but also needs to pay attention to the details when buying it. Only by choosing carefully can you choose a cost-effective and durable trolley case.

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