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How to choose a baby suitcase?
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How to choose a baby suitcase?

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When it comes to travel, the most needed item is, of course, luggage. Young parents will not only prepare a stylish and cool luggage for themselves, with a set of airport styling, but also prepare these for their babies. The family is Go out together beautifully and handsomely.

There are a dazzling array of children's suitcases on the market with a wide variety of styles. Mothers often get confused and may buy impractical children’s suitcases. So how do you choose suitable children’s suitcases for your baby?

kid's suitcase

Some mothers can't control their girls' hearts when they see some cute and eye-catching children's suitcases, but they find that they have many defects and are not practical when they buy them. They are empty, and they are put on the shelf after once or twice. It is a pity, it is really wasteful. Therefore, the most important thing when buying children's luggage is definitely not the appearance.

When buying a children's luggage, you must first consider the overall function. Nowadays, children’s luggage is no longer just a box for stuffing things, but also has many other practical functions.

1. Children's suitcases that simply contain things. It is recommended to wait for the baby to buy this kind of suitcase at least after the age of 2, preferably after the age of 3, because the baby can’t walk steadily before the age of 2 and has little strength. It is basically impossible to pull the suitcase by yourself. Traveling brings convenience and may become a burden, which is not practical.

kid's suitcase

2. Seated and rideable children's luggage. In addition to the storage function, this kind of suitcase also has the function of riding. It can be used as a baby's small stool when there is no place to sit, or it can be a riding toy. The child can sit on the suitcase and be pulled by the parents. , Saves the fatigue of holding a baby, it is still very practical on board. This kind of suitcase is also recommended for babies after 3 years old, because sitting on the suitcase requires the baby to maintain his balance, and children who are too small cannot sit securely.

kid's suitcase

3. Can sit, ride and sleep children's luggage. This type of suitcase not only has storage and mount functions, but also a bed. This design is unique among children's suitcases. This kind of children's luggage comes with a soft mattress, which is connected to the seat on an airplane, train or high-speed rail, and the mattress becomes a crib for the baby to play and sleep, so the baby can use it after birth. The riding function can be used after 3 years old, and the storage function can be used all the time, and the service life is very long.

kid's suitcase

All the comparisons show that the children's luggage covers a wide range of ages, and has functions specially designed for babies of all ages, which is very practical.

In addition, parents should pay attention to some details when buying children's luggage. The first is the wheels. The wheels of the suitcase are very important and largely determine the service life of the suitcase. The four-wheeled children's suitcase is better than the two-wheeled suitcase, because the four-wheeled suitcase can stand on its own and it saves effort when pulling. The two-wheeled suitcase needs to be tilted to a certain angle to pull, which is difficult for babies with weaker strength. . There is also the best universal wheel, because the universal wheel can rotate 360° freely, which is more labor-saving than wheels with a fixed direction and is more suitable for babies.

The second is the trolley. There are two types of trolleys for children's suitcases. One is the metal trolley of ordinary suitcases, and the other is the flexible drawbar. For babies, the flexible drawbar is better than the metal trolley, because metal Quality pull rods need to be pulled up and put back. There are often some buckle designs that require a bit of effort. Willful pulls do not have this concern and will not hurt the baby's small hands.

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