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How to chooce your best luggage bag?
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How to chooce your best luggage bag?

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Traveling can be said to be a painful and happy process,

I'm afraid the most headache is before departure.

Pack your luggage now,

Bring more? No need~

Bring less? Not enough~


Today we will choose one together

High-quality and beautiful luggage,

Take advantage of this summer to go out and play!



The size of the suitcase is generally divided by inches. The most common brands are the three sizes of 20 inches, 24 inches, and 28 inches. Among them, the 20-inch can be boarded, the capacity is similar to the large backpack, and can cope with short trips of 1-4 days. 24 inches need to be checked and can hold the required luggage for about a week. It is the most commonly used model among the three.

Therefore, I strongly recommend that you should have a 20-inch and a 24-inch suitcase. A short-term business trip or a long-term journey is enough.



Luggages on the market can be roughly divided into hard and soft cases.

The hard box is mainly made of ABS, PP, PC and other materials. It has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, wear resistance, impact resistance, waterproof, pressure resistance, and easy cleaning. The biggest disadvantage is the fixed internal capacity, but as long as the size is selected, the capacity is also enough. 

The soft boxes are mostly made of nylon cloth, oxford cloth and leather. Most of them are light in weight, strong in toughness and relatively wear-resistant. They are generally available for more than ten years and the use space is relatively flexible. But the defects are also clear at a glance, the fashion sense is insufficient and it is not easy to clean.

The appearance of the suitcase is acceptable, but in view of whether it is more expensive to purchase or later maintenance, it is more recommended to be used as a suitcase.



Although the airport station is full of escalators, it is impossible to avoid dealing with steps when going out. How a box goes up and down the stairs gracefully is inseparable from the balance of the trolley. The material is preferred to be made of steel, and the characteristics of compression and impact resistance can withstand the ups and downs of the bumps.



The 360-degree horizontally rotating universal wheel is almost synonymous with "elegance" in the wheel. It is no longer necessary to tilt the box and bear the weight of part of the box. Just push the arm to push it in parallel, even the girl with high heels and low strength can easily control it.

However, when selecting wheels, you still have to follow "the smaller the sound of the pulley, the better, and the larger the diameter of the wheel, the better."

Compared to the directional wheels embedded in the bottom of the box, the completely exposed outward wheels are more likely to be knocked and knocked out during brutal consignment.


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PP luggage case color blank color blank is a common problem in the injection molding process. It shows that the color of the box is uneven and there is localized whitening.


There are few trolley luggage bags with wide rods on the market, because the wide rods will make the luggage unbalanced.This problem is related to the structure of the tie rod. The working principle of the trolley is as follows: it is actually a tube with pistons at both ends, which are the same as


Pay attention to functionality when choosing a suitcase trolley caseTie rod: To choose the built-in, the material must be steel, because the external tie rods and wheels cannot adapt to the brutal loading and unloading of each flight.Box: A steel frame is required, and the fabric is preferably rain-


A few days ago, we conducted a survey on the attention of suitcase users. According to the results of the survey, the order of several points of concern for the suitcase is: whether the wheels are durable; whether the tie rod is free; whether the box is strong; Is the zipper smooth?From the survey r


Black and white ash will inevitably be a bit dull for a long time, especially in the spring and summer season when the sun is against it, there is always a little rigid. So you can try the following colors!

timg (2).jpg

How to choose children's trolleyMany parents may have such a question: Is it necessary to prepare a child's suitcase for the child when traveling with the child? Although an extra suitcase may be a little more burdensome, because sometimes children will inevitably be tired and unwilling to pull the

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