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How to carry cosmetics when traveling?
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How to carry cosmetics when traveling?

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1. Squeeze the liquid foundation into a dispensing box or a contact lens case. Is it troublesome to bring a can of liquid foundation every time you go out? In fact, there are now a complete set of dispensing boxes to buy, you can squeeze the amount of liquid foundation needed to divide In the box, there are contact lens boxes that are not used at home, which are actually very good packaging boxes.

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2. Find a fresh-keeping bag that can be sealed. Most people usually have it at home. First soak the cleansing cotton with cleansing water, and then put the soaked cleansing cotton into a sealed bag, so that you don’t need to bring a big bottle of makeup remover when you go out. Yes, is it very convenient? If you want to bring eye makeup remover and ordinary makeup remover, you can use two bags, and then use a marker to write the name on the bag.

3. Use the skin care products that are bottled with water and milk. In fact, more methods on the Internet are to use straws, but this is actually more troublesome in the early stage and after use, and it is better to bring scissors out of the house. It's easy to come. Note that water-like skin care products can be used in spray bottles, while cream-like products are in wide-mouth bottles, and cream-based products are in small boxes.

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4. Bring a sample. Whether you are buying skin care products or cosmetics, there should be many products that have been given samples. This sample is the best partner when traveling.

5. Use disposable gloves with brushes. Brushes are very important for makeup, but they are not easy to wear when going out. In fact, disposable gloves can solve this problem. Put the brush into the glove finger and then put the glove. Roll it up and tie it with a small rubber band. You can bring two more disposable gloves to go out. Anyway, it doesn't take up any space. If you feel dirty or accidentally broken, you can change it immediately.

6. After being packed, it can be packed in a travel cosmetic box, which is convenient to organize and carry.

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