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How To Travel in Style For Her
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How To Travel in Style For Her

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A guide for the ladies to travel in style and comfort

Achieving comfort, style and staying within your baggage allowance can seem like mission impossible! But with lots of practice and some planning, it’s easier than you think. There are some golden rules to what to pack and take to travel in style, we’ve outlined our top do’s and don’ts to get you on your way.



Layer: Home, the taxi, the airport, the plane and your destinations will involve lots of different temperatures. You will also need to adjust to these temperatures whilst sitting in confined spaces. Layer your clothes to suit, generally a T-shirt, a sweater and if needed a lightweight outer jacket that can be folded into your luggage. Regardless of the season always take a scarf. In cooler times of the year take a large warm scarf that can double as a blanket. For summer trips, take a lightweight scarf or sarong that you put over you in the plane and use as a sarong once you arrive.

Take a change of clothes: For long haul trips take a change of clothes.  Wear the clothes you plan on wearing at your destination on to the plane and take some comfortable sweat pants or yoga pants to change into. Take a second T-shirt so you change into a fresh shirt before you land. It will feel almost as good as a shower.

Pack a clever make up kit: You can board the plane and arrive at your destination with your ‘face on’ if you pack your make up kit accordingly. You will need: make up remover wipes, hydration spray, moisturising foundation, lip moisturiser and mascara. That’s really it. Remove your make up once you have boarded, keep your skin hydrated with some mist and lip balm and before you arrive put on a light coverage foundation, lip balm and mascara. Then add sunnies!  Remember to stick to the liquid allowances and pack your make up into a clear toiletry bag for hassle free boarding.

Take a tooth brush: Plan your bathroom trip prior to landing. Change back into your arrival pants, change your T-shirt, re-do your make up and brush your teeth. You come out feeling renewed and ready to take on customs!

Take water: If you are flying internationally you can’t take water bottles through customs, but you can take water on board and we highly recommend you do, as the amount of water supplied is not enough to stay hydrated! You have 2 options, you may take a water bottle through empty and fill it up once you have gone through customs, or you can buy bottled water from the food vendors on the other side of customs.

Consider your footwear: On long haul flights, you might like to get comfy by taking your shoes off. It goes without saying you should avoid any stinky footwear! You might also like to avoid packing your bulky over-knee boots by wearing them instead, but this won’t be comfortable and won’t be easy to get on and off in your seat. I like to take a pair of converse or flats, a pair of thongs and a couple of pairs of socks. It might sound over the top, but I take the converse off and pack them into my cabin bag for the flight – I pop my thongs on. Once seated I kick those off and put socks on to keep my feet warm, for bathroom breaks or wandering around the thongs go back on.


Don’t wear white: Even if you simply never spill when you wear white, chances are you will on a plane. Turbulence, neighbours infringing on your personal space and dining trays attached to other peoples seats equals higher than usual odds of a spill.

Dress Sloppy: It’s so tempting to opt for your favourite trackies when flying, but feeling less than your best means you will be feeling even worse on the other end after no sleep and a long flight. Turning up at a hotel, friends or your airBnB in day old trackies is less than ideal.

Take more than you’re allowed: It’s so tempting as those allowances are so tight! But it can result in huge stress prior to boarding if you are picked up on it, and even if you’re not, trying to cram a too big bag into the overhead locker will result in getting on the flight staff’s bad side – not somewhere you want to be when they hold the key to in flight beverages!

Wear half your suitcase: Again, it’s tempting to wear your felt fedora, knee high leather boots and wool coat on board, as not packing those items frees up a huge amount of precious suitcase space! But unless you are happy to wear them throughout the whole flight, either pack them in your big bag, or perhaps consider whether you could get away without your hat, switch to ankle boots and opt for a lightweight jacket.

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