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How To Prevent Luggage Loss
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How To Prevent Luggage Loss

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We all have luggage to carry when we travel, and especially when checking in luggage for an airplane, it can be very annoying to experience a lost suitcase. So how can you prevent luggage loss?

1. Take your suitcase with you

From the moment you check in your luggage, you face the possibility of lost or delayed luggage. If you really care about your belongings, and you can't let them get lost or delayed, take them with you. This is the only way to guarantee that your luggage will get on the plane.

2. Baggage tags

Make sure you have a luggage tag on the outside of your suitcase. Also, make sure you have a business card or other address identification in your luggage. When checking in, remember to remove all luggage tags and barcodes from previous flights so as not to confuse ground crew or electronic barcode readers.

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3. Transfer

Transfers are a major cause of lost or delayed luggage. So if you really want your luggage to get there, definitely try to take a direct flight. If you have to check bags and have to connect, consider taking a flight with a longer stopover. Every airport has published minimum connecting times, if all goes according to plan. But when you factor in weather, late crew, and air traffic delays, things won't go so smoothly. Therefore, reserving a long enough transit time will make your travel more at ease.

4. Keep your evidence

When packing, take a picture of the contents, so if your bag goes missing, you may need it to prove to the airline what you had with you. It's not uncommon for an airline to lose a suitcase and then dispute your lost luggage claim. So make sure you have proof.

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