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How To Pack Your Bags Smartly
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How To Pack Your Bags Smartly

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When we travel, we often choose to take the plane, but the airline has regulations on the carrying of your luggage. If your luggage exceeds the specified size or weight, you will incur additional charges. So to avoid paying extra, you need to arrange it when packing, so how to do it?

1. Select a suitcase within the specified size

First of all, this is the first point you need to do, choose a suitcase that is within the specified size, so that you will not pay extra for going over the size.

2. Reduce weight

If you plan to go shopping, try to bring as little luggage as possible when you go out. You can even wear some clothes you're going to throw away so you can just throw them away when you're done wearing them at your destination. At the same time, when buying luggage, try to choose light materials, which can also allow you to pack a little more luggage.


3. Reduce the outer packaging of your stuff

When packing items, try not to put heavy boxes in the luggage. If you want to bring skin care products, try to put large bottles of skin care products, shampoo, etc. into small bottles. If you buy a lot of things in a tourist destination, you can give up the packaging and casing, which can not only save a lot of space, but also reduce the weight.

4. Wear heavy clothing

If your suitcase is really heavy and there is no way to reduce the weight, you can wear heavier clothes, bags, etc. on your body, such as the heaviest coat, sneakers, jeans, etc., to reduce the weight of checked luggage.

5. Look out for flights with higher allowances for free checked bags

While airlines have restrictions on the size and weight of free checked bags, it varies slightly between airlines, and you can choose flights that allow you to check in heavier bags.

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