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How To Pack For Your Kids For Summer Vacation
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How To Pack For Your Kids For Summer Vacation

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The coming of summer vacation is a happy event for children, they can go on a fun family vacation and can spend the good time of the holiday with their family. But before traveling, there is one thing that must be done and that is to pack their suitcases. As a parent, you need to pack your child's suitcase to ensure they have a fun and relaxing trip, so what can you do?

1. Choose the right fabric for your child

Summers can be hot and kids are often sweaty! One way to keep kids comfortable on holiday is to avoid synthetic fabrics that can cause your little one to sweat unnecessarily. Organic cotton underwear is great for travel as it promotes air circulation and wicks moisture away from the skin. Best of all, cotton fabrics are all natural and less likely to cause rashes and irritation. Plus, they're super comfortable and will keep your little ones from fussing in the airplane seat with panties squeezing their bottoms.

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2. Avoid overpackaging

When packing your child's suitcase, you need to avoid overpacking. This means that the color combinations you pack should work for multiple outfits. For example, if your child's shirt gets dirty, he can have another shirt to match without having to change out of the shorts at the same time. This way you can pack fewer clothes and leave enough room for other items in your child's suitcase without being overweight.

3. Organize your belongings

After choosing the luggage to take with you, you can organize them into categories. Avoid ironing like the plague in summer by choosing clothes that won't wrinkle in transit, such as cotton clothes. With all the essentials in place, it's time to organize and pack your bags! For example, you can make some plastic ziplock bags, and then use a permanent marker to write the type of clothing on the outside of each ziplock bag, ie "shirt", "pajamas", "underwear", etc., so that children's clothes can be sorted. Then fold each garment in half and place the rolled laundry neatly into the appropriate bag. When full, press the air out of the bag and zip it up to secure. Using this method allows you to pack twice as much in one suitcase while keeping your clothes dry during travel!

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