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How To Pack 10 Days Of Luggage In One Suitcase
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How To Pack 10 Days Of Luggage In One Suitcase

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Traveling always needs to carry various items, but too many suitcases will not be very convenient. The ideal situation is of course to be able to pack all the luggage in one suitcase. So how can you pack 10 days' luggage in one suitcase?

1. Decide what to bring before packing

Before packing your luggage, you need to make a list of the items to be brought, and then further screen the items to be carried on the basis of ensuring the travel quality to achieve the maximum utilization rate of items. In the process of screening items, you must first consider your daily habits and simplify them without affecting your quality of life. For example, you must need certain pajamas to get a good night's sleep, so this is what you need. But last time you went on a trip with a book that you didn't read at all, you can choose not to bring it this time.

2. Use hand rolled compression bags

Compression bags are used when storing in the room, but usually, the compression bags are relatively large. If you put all your clothes into a large compression bag, it is not convenient to change every day, and it is not suitable for short-term travel. At this time, consider using hand-rolled compression bags. The principle of the hand-rolled compression bag is similar to that of the vacuum compression bag of the air pump, which is to squeeze out the air and compress it to a smaller volume. Compared to packing clothes directly in the suitcase, using a compression bag will save at least one-third of the space, and even achieve the amazing effect of saving half of the space. Another advantage of hand-rolled compression bags is that they are flexible and can be flattened or rolled up for storage.

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3. Use Disposable Panties

Disposable panties are a great option for saving space and maintaining hygiene on the trip. Underwear is a kind of clothes that can be washed and worn, and the quantity may not be enough to support the whole trip, and there is no way to guarantee that it can be washed and dried during the trip, and it is easy to bring about hygiene and health problems. The disposable underwear can be thrown away directly after wearing it, and there is no need to continue to occupy the luggage space on the return journey, which is very convenient.

4. Sub-bottling cosmetics/skincare

Skin care products and toiletries are indispensable when you go out, and you may need to bring a cosmetic bag. In order to further reduce the burden of luggage, save space, and try to avoid unnecessary check-in to save more time, skin care products and toiletries can be carried in small bottles, which will take up less space.

5. Use a toiletry bag

With sub-bottled and small-capacity packaged toiletries, a proper-sized toiletry bag can store all these small items and put them in the carry-on bag or the outer pocket of the suitcase, so that they can be easily taken out during security inspection. Another benefit of the travel toiletry bag is that it can be hung directly on the bathroom wall. Toothbrushes and various skin care products can be stored in one bag, which can also reduce the burden of storage and organization during the journey.

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