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How To Make Your Suitcase More Recognizable?-Part Two
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How To Make Your Suitcase More Recognizable?-Part Two

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In our previous article, we shared some tips to make your suitcase more recognizable, so that you can quickly find your own suitcase on the luggage conveyor belt, and today we will continue to share some other tips.

1. Use the handle

The luggage handle is also a great tool to improve comfort and visibility. They're especially useful when you're traveling long distances with heavy luggage or lifting luggage up and down multiple times in a short period of time. The luggage handles provide extra cushioned comfort when you pick up the suitcase, and you can easily spot them on your suitcase. These are affordable options to add to your luggage, and if you get the bold color, it will be eye-catching enough to easily identify your luggage.

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2. Buy a distinctive trunk lid

Luggage covers provide a protective barrier to the wear and tear of your suitcase and keep its contents extra secure. You can buy luggage covers in a variety of colors and designs to give your luggage a more distinctive look. For example, some people choose a bright and vibrant design so that it can be seen among the multitude of luggage at a glance. Or you can buy a luggage cover with a label or an identifiable name to distinguish your suitcase from the rest.

3. Use GPS to track your luggage

While GPS doesn't make your luggage stand out from the crowd, it does make sure you always know where it is. The technology of GPS luggage tracker is currently so advanced that you can never worry about your luggage getting lost.

4. Personalized luggage tag

Personalized luggage tags are the most common way of identifying your luggage or making it more visible. Some people choose to keep various name tags from different trips, while others opt for personalized colored or personalized name tags. They're also easily removable, so you can always remove the name tag from your luggage if you don't need it.

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