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How To Identify The Quality Of Luggage?
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How To Identify The Quality Of Luggage?

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When choosing a suitcase, the most important thing is to choose a high-quality suitcase. So if you want to identify the authenticity of leather goods, you must learn the sensory identification method, the essence of which is to observe the characteristics of leather goods by touching, seeing, bending, stretching and other methods.

1. Natural leather: There will be fine lines when squeezed with the thumb, and the leather with better leather has a plump surface and good elasticity. The leather with poorer leather has larger wrinkles. If there is no fine grain, it is not natural leather.

2. Yellow cowhide: The texture is fine and the pores are arranged in irregular dots.

3. Pig skin: The surface pattern is usually a group of three pores, and the surface is rough, which can be soft or hard.

4. Buffalo cowhide: The pores are larger than that of yellow cowhide, and the skin fibers are slightly thicker.

5. Sheepskin: The patterns are arranged in a half-moon shape, with good softness, dense fur and thin epidermis.

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The material of the trolley case

1. ABS

This is a relatively new material, but also a more popular fashion material. The main feature is that it is lighter than other materials, the surface is more flexible and rigid, and the impact resistance is better to protect the items inside. Although it feels soft to the touch and not strong, it is actually very flexible and easy to clean.

2. Oxford cloth

This one is similar to nylon. The advantage is that it is wear-resistant and practical. The disadvantage is that it has no special features. It is difficult to distinguish luggage at the airport, and it is relatively heavy.

3. PU leather

The advantage of this kind of box is that it is very similar to cowhide, and it looks high-end, but it is not afraid of water like a leather box. The disadvantage is that it is not wear-resistant and not very strong, but the price is low.

4. PVC

PVC suitcases are drop-resistant, waterproof, impact-resistant, wear-resistant, and fashionable. It can be said that it is much stronger than ABS, and it is the strongest in the box. They have a smooth, good-looking finish without worrying about scratches from rough handling. The biggest disadvantage is that they are relatively heavy.

5. Cowhide

Generally speaking, cowhide is the most expensive, and it is afraid of water, abrasion, pressure, and scratches. However, cowhide luggage can still be valuable as long as it is properly kept.

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