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How To Fix The Zipper Of The Suitcase That Is Broken?
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How To Fix The Zipper Of The Suitcase That Is Broken?

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Suitcases can be said to be one of the people's greatest inventions, which are convenient for storing items during travel, and zippers are also an indispensable accessory for luggage! We see that there are always zippers on modern luggage, whether it is on the outside or inside, there will always be zippers.

Usually on luggage with a zipper, because the items in the case are seriously beyond the height that the luggage can bear during use, the items are packed into the case in a squeezed state, and the zipper is closed after closing the case. At this time, the zipper is stretched open, and the zipper of the suitcase will be easily damaged if used in this way. So how do you fix a problem with the zipper of your suitcase?

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1. The zipper does not open and close smoothly

The problem with this is that the overloaded opening of the zipper cannot be pulled comfortably, which is often seen. You can use candle powder or pencil powder, apply it to the zipper to increase the lubricity of the zipper, and basically, it will solve the problem.

2. The zipper teeth are missing

If the teeth of the zipper are only missing a small part, you can repair it yourself. Prepare staples and pliers, make the staples in the same shape as the chain teeth and place them on the zipper to fix the missing parts. (Note: This method is not suitable for use if the teeth of the zipper are missing too much)

3. Zip replacement of luggage

The zipper on the suitcase is usually very tight during the sewing process, and the stitching of the zipper is inside the interior cloth of the luggage row, so it is quite troublesome to replace the pull rod on the pull rod case. You can replace it in a small shop that can repair the zipper.

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