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How To Choose Wheels For Trolley Cases?
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How To Choose Wheels For Trolley Cases?

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A trolley case is a must-have item when we travel, a good trolley case can make our journey more relaxed and pleasant. Of course, if you want a good trolley case, then you must have a good wheel, so how to choose a good trolley case wheel?

1. Look at the material of the wheel

There are many kinds of wheels on the market, plastic, rubber, etc. When buying wheels, it is best to choose wheels made of pure rubber. Due to the high elasticity, high strength and strong elasticity of the pure rubber wheel, even if it is compacted with a nail or a sharp tool, it will bounce back immediately without leaving any traces, so it is more shock-absorbing. Damage to the rubber wheels is minimal and the contents of the luggage are not damaged if the luggage is pulled over a pothole surface.

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2. Look at the number of wheels

The wheels of ordinary luggage include traditional one-way wheels (two wheels), universal wheels (four wheels) and aircraft wheels (two rows). If you want sturdy and durable luggage wheels, you can buy swivel wheels or double-row wheels. Not only is it better in quality, but it is also convenient and labor-saving to use.

3. Look at the bearing of the wheel

Actually, there is nothing special about the basic wheel bearings now used on pulley cases. However, the material of the bearing determines the strength of the wheel, and now bearings are generally composed of two materials: one is plastic and the other is steel. If it's plastic, the wheel is very fragile and low strength when it gets bumped and strong impacts. The steel axle does not have such problems, it has high wear resistance, so the wheel is stronger.

Although wheels are only part of the luggage, a good wheel can make your luggage more convenient and durable, so choosing a good wheel is also very important.

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