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How To Choose The Right Luggage For Kids
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How To Choose The Right Luggage For Kids

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When traveling, it is also very important for children to have their own suitcases, which can help them develop good habits of self-management from an early age. So when choosing luggage for children, how should you choose?

1. Accessories

Whether a suitcase can be used for a long time, accessories are the most important. There are two accessories that largely determine the lifespan of a suitcase: wheels and levers. Just imagine how embarrassing it would be if the wheel of the suitcase at the airport fell off, or the lever was broken. So when choosing children's luggage, be sure to check the wheels and levers carefully. Suitcases with universal wheels are more suitable for children because they can rotate 360 degrees without too much effort. When buying a suitcase for your child, you need to check whether the surface of the wheels is shiny, and the wheels that are shiny and not rough are better. Then check if the wheels are firm: you can lift the box to get the wheels off the ground, turn the wheels slightly by hand, and see if there is any side-to-side sway. Finally, lay the box flat and pull it back and forth to see if the wheels roll smoothly.

2. Pull rod

Tough pull straps are better than metal pull rods, because metal things will inevitably hurt children by accident. Tough pull straps are not dangerous for children, and there are no buckles, which is labor-saving and convenient.

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3. How to open the luggage

Children's luggage is generally opened by zipper or buckle. The quality of the zipper suitcase depends on the quality of the zipper, because once it is broken, it means that the suitcase cannot be used or has to be repaired. The buckle type is more convenient and durable, and the appearance is also much more fashionable. For children, the zipper may accidentally pinch fingers, or trap clothes, etc., which is a bit dangerous, so the buckle design is more suitable for children.

4. Size

The items in the children's luggage are generally used by children, so choose a size that can be brought on the plane. Generally speaking, a 20-inch suitcase can be brought on the plane, and it is also convenient to carry, and suitable for short trips of three to five days. In addition, it should be noted that children's luggage should choose rounded corners to avoid scratching the child.

The above are some points that should be paid attention to when choosing luggage for children. Through these methods, you will definitely be able to choose the luggage they like for your child.

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