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How To Avoid Lost Or Damaged Luggage When Checking In?
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How To Avoid Lost Or Damaged Luggage When Checking In?

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When traveling by plane, generally our luggage needs to be checked in, and many people will encounter luggage loss or damage during the check-in process, so what can we do to avoid such things as much as possible?

1. Make your luggage unique

Suitcases that look similar or even the same are often the main reason for mistaking luggage. At this time, it is particularly important to make your suitcase look different. Posting stickers and tying unique luggage straps are common ways, but it is more important to attach a unique name tag to your suitcase. For example, you can write your contact information and name on the luggage tag and hang it on the suitcase, so that even if someone takes it by mistake, you can be easily contacted.

2. Tear off the past barcode labels on the luggage before checking in

Many people always like to leave the label on the case on the previous flight as a trace of nostalgia, but this may make your luggage go to the wrong place. When checking luggage, tearing off the last barcode label in advance helps to reduce a lot of unnecessary troubles.

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3. Put a cover on the case

Most suitcases are purchased with a special protective cover. Putting a unique protective cover on the luggage is also a good way to avoid damage and loss of the luggage.

4. Buy a sturdy suitcase

Some people say that you don't need to buy a good one for checked luggage, and you can buy a normal suitcase and replace it after a few uses. It's true that there's always a lot of violence in checked luggage, but a good suitcase can also help you reduce the risk of your luggage being damaged and your belongings scattered. Generally speaking, fabric or metal luggage will be much stronger and more durable than plastic luggage. Of course, the choice of the wheel of the suitcase is also very important. If a wheel is dropped in the luggage check, your subsequent journey will not be so easy.

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