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How Should We Take Care Of Our Suitcases When Traveling?
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How Should We Take Care Of Our Suitcases When Traveling?

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When we travel, the luggage is always with us, so how do we take care of our luggage on our trip?

1. When using the trolley case, pay attention to prevent the environment of high temperature and strong acid and alkali, and the high pressure environment will also deform your trolley case.

2. When using the trolley case, you must be careful not to be casual, especially walking in bustling public places such as stations and docks, where there is a possibility of scratches and collisions with your luggage.

3. Avoid the luggage being scratched by sharp objects such as knives. No matter how hard the trolley case is, it cannot compete with knives!

4. Avoid keeping the trolley case in a humid environment for a long time, which will make the trolley case lose its original toughness.

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5. Frequently use a rag to clean the metal accessories of the trolley case, which can effectively prevent fading.

6. Try not to let the trolley case walk on some uneven roads, which will cause considerable wear and tear to the wheels of your trolley case.

7. When pulling your trolley case, use a little force, not too much, so that it can be smoother.

8. Store the luggage properly.

(1). The vertical trolley case should be placed upright without pressing anything on it.

⑵. The shipping sticker on the trolley case should be removed as soon as possible.

⑶. When not in use, cover the trolley case with a plastic bag to avoid dust. If the dust accumulated over the years penetrates into the surface fibers, it will be difficult to clean up in the future.

⑷. To lubricate the wheels at the bottom of the box with a little oil to keep them smooth, add a little lubricating oil to the axles to prevent rusting.

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