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How Do I Choose a Trolley Case That Suits Me?
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How Do I Choose a Trolley Case That Suits Me?

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Appearance of the luggages

Consumers in the purchase of travel suitcases, the first should check the appearance of the box, that is, whether the box is circumferential, box corner is symmetrical, can be placed upright or upside down on the ground, check whether the box is four feet on the ground, not skewed, and check whether the box surface is flat, there is no scratch, crack, pay special attention to the box shell (above, below) the four corners to be symmetrical. Open the box, check the mouth of the box, the mouth of the box to match each other, the gap should be small, to close the seam, the hinges turn flexible, no card block, kema (buckle) to close, buckle, open, the box should be glued firmly, the textile fabric shall not have jumped silk, cracked pie phenomenon. The handle (mop) should be firmly installed and should not be loose. The pull rod should be free to stretch, have a certain strength, stretch rod and fixed rod with moderate, expansion can not be too large, the locking button of the pull rod pressed, should be able to smooth local stretch rod. Box go wheel should turn flexible, the best choice with bearing go wheel. Check the box lock, you can combine several groups of digital test, open, close the normal can.


When looking at any travel bags, as long as the following elements are not missed, then the bag is basically a well-made, solid quality bag.

  • Surface: flat, smooth, no seams outside the design, no bulges, no exposed raw edges.

  • Lining: whether you choose textile or leather products, the colour should be coordinated with the bag's face. The lining has more seams and the stitching should be fine and not oversized.

  • Strap: An important part of the bag and the most easily damaged part. It is important to check that there are no stitches or cracks on the back strap and to see if the connection between the strap and the bag body is strong. All types of travel bags should pay attention to the straps, and backpackers will pay more attention to the weight bearing and solidity of the straps, so pay special attention when selecting.

  • Hardware: As the external decoration of the travel bag, it has the role of a finishing touch. When choosing a luggage, the shape and workmanship of the hardware should be paid close attention to, such as hardware in gold, be sure to consult whether it is easy to fade. Like trolley cases, makeup cases and other bags with handles, we should pay attention to it.

  • Line: Whether the bag is sewn with bright or dark lines, the length of the stitches should be even and consistent, and no threads exposed, pay attention to whether the stitching is wrinkle-free, whether the lines all go to see if the place with the threads will cause the bag to crack.

  • Glue: When choosing a bag, be sure to tug on the components to see if the glue bonding is strong. Some of the more fashionable bags in particular can be eye-catching because of their nice style and excellent embellishments, but if these embellishments are not joined very firmly, it will have lost its character.

  • Zip: check that the thread around it is taut and that it joins naturally to the bag. Pay particular attention to bags that will hold tougher items such as key bags and make-up bags.

  • Buttons: Although an inconspicuous accessory, they are also easier to replace than zips, so you should pay more attention when selecting them. For bags that are often opened and closed, such as CD bags and wallets, it is important to pay attention to the practicality of the clasp when choosing.

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