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Features And Quality Standards Of Trolley Suitcases
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Features And Quality Standards Of Trolley Suitcases

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The trolley suitcase is a necessity for people to travel, and the trolley suitcase can make our travel easier. The main body of the trolley suitcase is made of high-quality aluminum alloy profiles. Aluminum alloy profiles have the characteristics of firm structure, beautiful appearance and good heat dissipation performance, which are widely used in various cases.

1. Features of trolley suitcase

Aluminum alloy is made of pure aluminum and some alloying elements, such as aluminum-copper alloy, aluminum-zinc-magnesium-copper superhard aluminum alloy. Aluminum alloy has the characteristics of lightweight, low cost, uniform force, easy processing and high heat dissipation.

2. Quality Standards

1). Luggage wheels

The quality of luggage wheels depends on whether they are firm, smooth, noisy, shiny, etc. The wheels of the luggage are divided into two types: one-way wheels and universal wheels: universal wheels: flat push saves effort, and is more suitable for smooth roads. One-way wheel: It can be pulled easily and is suitable for walking on gravel roads, so the one-way wheel of cable pull is suitable for all kinds of roads.

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2). Pull rod

The material of the pull rod is mainly divided into all-aluminum and aluminum alloy. The alloy pull rod is widely used, mainly because it is light in weight, strong and not easy to deform, will not rust, and the cost is relatively high. It is the most used material on high-end luggage. The trolley access box structure is divided into built-in and external tie-rods. The built-in tie-rod is to open the zipper of the cloth inside the box, and the tie-rod can be seen directly. This kind of design is beautiful and elegant, and the tie-rod can be protected in the box. External pull rods are mainly used in the low-end market.

3). Password lock

Mobile password lock: Use a pen or toothpick to hold the small dot at the bottom, do not loosen it, use the other hand to pull the password number you want, and then release the small dot after setting.

Fixed combination lock: Use your hand to lock the loose key on the combination lock, pull it up and don't release it, move the other one to the number you want, and then release the loose key after setting the number.

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