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Fashion|2020 summer luggage bags popular colors
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Fashion|2020 summer luggage bags popular colors

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Black and white ash will inevitably be a bit dull for a long time, especially in the spring and summer season when the sun is against it, there is always a little rigid. So you can try the following colors!


The girl's preferred pink

First of all, the first popular color in spring and summer is pink. Whether it is LV or Dior, as long as you can think of the bag brand, they have launched the pink bag without exception, which shows that this year pink's dominant position in the luggage category.

Maybe some girls like pink, but they have "precautions" for pink in matching, fearing that pretending to be tender is a bit tacky. In fact, the shallow tender powder is a good helper for urban ladies to improve their temperament!

For pink bags, the simplest conservative way is to choose some light gray and white clothes. There will be no sultry heat in summer at all, and it will even be particularly clean and gentle. of course! If you are a fashionista, with a green floral printed shirt, you can definitely get more attention in the crowd!


Enduring blue

Blue, as a popular color in the fashion industry in recent years, can be regarded as a perseverance and continues to be a leader in the bag circle. Even if the major brands do not have a blue body style, you can definitely find the blue embellishment.

Speaking of blue, in addition to black, white and gray, the most beautiful white skin, the most versatile is blue. As long as it is not exaggerated and colorful, it is almost not easy to make mistakes. Many brands of Morandi Blue and Macaron are really dazzling!

Morandi Blue's visual experience is very comfortable. You don't think it is too dazzling. Some dark clothing can be harmoniously matched with this blue. The bright blue is more suitable for matching with light-colored clothes, so that it can be used as the focus of the whole body, and it can also add a lot to your fashion taste!


Cool green

"Coolness" is the biggest advantage of green, and major brands will not miss the feeling of "freshness" in this fashion circle. Green is originally synonymous with spring and summer. Therefore, whether it is grass green, water green or lemon green, they are all in line with summer Wearing. 

In fact, the combination of low saturation greens (such as water green and mint green) is not much different from light pink. But the advantage is that light green is easier to add points to the overall temperament, especially the simple design, casual light T-shirts (such as light pink) will make the overall appearance very good.

As for the highly saturated bright green and grass green bags, it is more suitable for cool style! They are especially suitable for pure black dress, to highlight the bright colors of the bag, it is simply the best way to attract attention! However, for girls who like refreshing feelings, white tops and light blue jeans will also look clean.


Mysterious and elegant purple

Purple has always been a mysterious and special color, and taro purple has added a little elegance and gentleness, which is basically the exclusive color of fairy! 

Although this purple color is very beautiful, it takes a little effort to match it. Do not try to match yellow clothes in daily matching, after all, not everyone is the protagonist of fashion blockbuster!


Having said so much, I believe you must have an understanding of the color trends of bags! So which one do you want to spend this spring and summer?

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