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Do you want to tear up the photos on the luggage compartment?
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Do you want to tear up the photos on the luggage compartment?

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After getting off the plane, many people do not tear off the label on the suitcase. Is it because they are too lazy?

Nowadays, the transportation is convenient. People can take trains, high-speed rails, and airplanes when traveling, and airplanes are the fastest. It is not difficult for tourists who often fly by plane to find that after people get off the plane, few people will tear the sticky notes on the suitcases. Some people may think that it is just a piece of paper. It doesn't matter if you tear it or not. The facts are not that simple. The reason for not tearing the label as follows:

1. Afraid of mistaken luggage. There is a lot of chaos when getting off the plane, and you will take the wrong luggage if you are not careful. Taking other people’s luggage home is not a good travel experience. However, the wrong luggage happens from time to time, and the appearance of the suitcase is very similar. Some people are still careless and can understand it. If there is a tag on the suitcase, you can know at a glance whether you have taken the wrong luggage and you can remedy it in time. But if it doesn't, it will be more difficult to remedy it. Those who have lost their suitcases can’t find their suitcases, and those who have taken the wrong suitcases don’t know whose luggage they are.

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2. Hobbies. Many people in life like to collect all kinds of things that they think are valuable, such as train tickets, stamps, bus passes and so on. For many people, they may not be necessary for collection, but for those who love collecting, they are very important. Collecting labels on suitcases is like collecting these things, it is a hobby. The label of the suitcase can commemorate the way you have walked, the places you have been, the people you met, the story that happened, and the ending of the story. Years later, when you hold this little label in your hand, those past years will suddenly appear in front of you, just like yesterday, but yesterday you won't come back again.

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3. Lazy. To what extent can one be lazy? Do not wash your hair for a month, do not wash your hair for half a year, do not take a bath for a year... Although there are not many such people, they do. For lazy people, tearing off labels is very troublesome. For someone who doesn't bother to tie the shoelace when he opens it, would he think of reaching out to tear the label? Obviously it's impossible. It won't be torn until the very end, when it's necessary, or on a whim, suddenly there is an idea, and I stretched out my hand to tear it. But this kind of situation is relatively rare, the reason is still too lazy, waiting for it to fall by itself is more realistic.

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4. Label with glue. When the aircraft staff labelled the luggage of the passengers, they did not tie the rope directly, but glued it to the luggage. In order to prevent the label from falling off during the journey, they also chose the best glue. If you don’t believe it, you can take a closer look at the people who got off the plane and drag their suitcases to see if the tags on their suitcases are off. As a result, people will have some trouble tearing off the label. The glue will not clean up and will stick to dirty things. This is a challenge for people who love to clean.

Finally, I suggest that everyone, after traveling and disembarking, it is best not to tear off the label immediately, and it is never too late to confirm that there is no problem after leaving the airport. Although it takes some time, it can reduce a lot of unnecessary trouble. If the label is really useless at all, people will not label it.

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