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Choose a backpack or a suitcase when traveling
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Choose a backpack or a suitcase when traveling

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This depends on the actual situation. Basically, it can be determined according to the destination of the tour, the travel time of the tour, and the means of transportation:

1. Travel destination: outdoor travel or city travel

If you are traveling outdoors, you definitely need to carry a mountaineering bag. You can't drag your suitcase to walk in the mountains. Even if it is a light outdoor transportation with a chartered car, it will inevitably need to walk a certain distance, so don't drag it. The suitcase went on a trip outdoors. Then when it comes to city travel, there are also two situations. One is more developed places and the other is relatively backward. In places with good infrastructure, like all cities in China, travel with suitcases is No problem, because the road conditions are very good. Moreover, like traveling to developed countries (such as Europe, Australia, etc.), traveling with a suitcase is also more suitable, because public transportation is developed and the road conditions are good. Then go to underdeveloped countries, such as some countries in South Asia, such as India, Nepal and other places. The road conditions in some cities are too bad, and it is not good to drag the suitcase. At this time, a backpack is more suitable.

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2. Travel time: long-distance travel or short-distance travel

Generally speaking, I categorize trips less than 15 days as short-distance trips. Short-distance trips are more suitable for luggage, and long-distance travel backpacks for more than 15 days are more suitable.

This statement of mine may be refuted by many people. It is reasonable to go out for a short time and a backpack is suitable. There are a lot of things to bring with you when you go out for a long time, so you should drag your suitcase. You think so, understandable, but you are taking travel as a vacation or visiting relatives, and staying in one place for a long time. If you are traveling on the road, dragging your suitcase for a long time will make you break down, too tired. , Too much trouble, this is the time to make it easier if it is a backpack. One rule of long-distance travel is: Bring as few things as you can, and if you don't have enough to supplement it locally.

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3. Travel and transportation: airplane or train

What kind of transportation to choose is also an important reference for choosing a backpack or a suitcase. If your trip is based on airplanes, chartered cars, and self-driving, you can bring suitcases. If your trip is based on train, foot, and bus, then you should choose a backpack.

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