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Aluminum Frame Or Zippered Luggage?
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Aluminum Frame Or Zippered Luggage?

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Luggage is a must-have storage product for us to travel or go on a business trip. Now the most common ones are aluminum frame and zipper style luggage, so which one should you choose better?

1. Aluminum frame luggage

Advantages of aluminum frame luggage:

• Good-looking: The aluminum-framed luggage is fashionable and elegant, a symbol of identity and taste, and it is fashionable and elegant.

• Convenience: The aluminum-framed luggage is also particularly convenient to open and close

• High safety: The aluminum frame luggage is very strong and rigid, and the safety is higher

• Sturdy to sit: The aluminum frame suitcase is sturdy and impact-resistant, not afraid of pressure, not easy to deform, sturdy and impact-resistant, and has a stronger bearing capacity and impact resistance, which can well protect the items in your case. Sometimes you can sit on it and rest when you are tired.

Disadvantages of aluminum frame luggage:

• There are definitely not as many things in aluminum-framed suitcases as there are zippers

• Aluminium-framed suitcases sometimes have broken locks

• Aluminium-framed suitcases can pop open if you pack too much stuff in the middle

• The aluminum frame luggage is damaged and deformed, and the outer shell will have flaws and grooves, which may cause the case to fail to close. Moreover, the deformation is difficult to recover, and maintenance may not be as convenient as the zipper.

• Aluminium-framed suitcases are more expensive

• Aluminium-framed luggage can only be made of hard case

• Aluminium-framed suitcases are heavier

• The aluminum-framed suitcase is not so convenient when closing the case. If there are too many things, the case will not be closed, and it is difficult to stuff things at the critical moment.

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2. Zip suitcase

Advantages of zipper luggage:

• Zip suitcase is lightweight and lightweight

• The zippered suitcase has a certain degree of expandability and flexibility, and can be packed. Compared with the aluminum frame, it can hold more things and can pack a lot of things.

• Zip suitcases Under normal circumstances, even if the load is too heavy, the zipper will not be broken.

• Nowadays, there are more and more materials of zipper suitcases, some of which are comparable to the aluminum frame in appearance, and the appearance and color matching can have many different changes, and the styles are novel.

• Cheaper prices for zippered suitcases

Disadvantages of zipper luggage:

• The safety of the zippered suitcase may be lacking. The general checked baggage is fine, but it is worse than the aluminum-framed suitcase.

• Zip suitcases are not as safe and secure as aluminum frames.

• Zip suitcases are prone to bursting or being scratched.

3. Summary

Small budget: Students/office workers who pay more attention to practicality and cost-effectiveness, who want to pack more things, are resistant to falling and pressure, choose a zippered suitcase.

Large budget: It pays more attention to the appearance and can protect the items in the case. There is not much luggage for daily travel. It is okay to consider aluminum-framed luggage. After all, aluminum-framed luggage looks more high-end.

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