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Airport Style Travel in Comfort Style For Him
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Airport Style Travel in Comfort Style For Him

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Airport Style | A guide for the gentlemen for travelling in comfort and arriving in style.

Achieving comfort, style and staying within your baggage allowance can seem like mission impossible! But with lots of practice and some planning, it's easier than you think. There are some golden rules to what to pack and take, we've outlined our top do's and don'ts to get you on your way.

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Layer: Same advice as for the ladies, layer your clothing where possible. Temperatures fluctuate in different stages of travel so board the plane in a T-shirt, comfortable cotton or wool sweatshirt, and a light jacket and scarf if you're landing somewhere cool. Opt for lightweight pants that don't crinkle.

Take a change of clothes: You might like to take some sweat pants to change into once you're on the plane. At the other end you can place your clean pants back on. Also take a change of T-shirt, a clean shirt prior to exciting the plane will ensure you arrive feeling fresh.  If you need to arrive in a dress shirt take an iron free shirt in your carry on and put it on when you arrive.

Consider your toiletries: Take some moisturiser or face mist and lip balm to combat the dry aeroplane air. Some anti-perspirant (non-scented) and a toothbrush and toothpaste means you can freshen up after means and before you exit the plane. Remember to stick to liquid allowances and pack your toiletries into a clear bag for hassle free boarding.

Take Water: If you are flying internationally you can't take water bottles through customs, but you can take water on board and we highly recommend you do, as the amount of water supplied is not enough to stay hydrated! You have 2 options, you may take a water bottle through empty and fill it up once you have gone through customs, or you can buy bottled water from the food vendors on the other side of customs.

Consider your footwear: If you like to kick your shoes off in flight, consider what you're wearing beforehand. No one will appreciate shoe stench! Where possible, where comfortable shoes such as converse or trainers, take them off and put some thongs on prior to boarding, you can easily kick your thongs off in flight. Also take a pair of socks as it can get cold on those planes!


Dress for the wrong climate: Boardies and thongs might be suitable in Darwin, but you will be mighty cold on board and when you land in London's winter. Consider the other end more than your local end, the other end is where you are less familiar so will spend more time in taxi queues and hotel check in lines or wandering the streets trying to find the mysterious door to your ainBnB.

Don't get crushed: A crinkled day old shirt and suit is not a good look. If you need to be in dress gear when you exit the plane, take crinkle free trousers, change into a fresh shirt before you land and a smart sweater will look more presentable that a crushed suit.

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