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5 Ways To Organize Your Luggage When Traveling
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5 Ways To Organize Your Luggage When Traveling

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The stage of preparing luggage for a business trip is the most worrying. Clothes, shoes, household items, etc., you have no idea where to start. Now we will share with you some tips for organizing your luggage.

1. Bring all-match items

Get your outfits ready before packing to avoid overpacking. For example, a jacket can be paired with different styles of clothing so that you don't have to carry a lot of coats, just one jacket is enough.

2. Roll up clothes to save space

The most practical and space-saving way is to roll up your clothes, you can roll up some clothes that are not wrinkled and soft, and some small items such as underwear. It's best to fold your underwear into pieces and tuck it into your bra, then put the bra in a laundry bag so it doesn't get compressed and deformed.

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3. Divide the toiletries into sub-bottles

The original body wash, shampoo, etc. are too heavy, what if you don't have enough luggage space? At this time, sub-bottling is your good choice. Put them in sub-bottles, and they are small and easy to carry.

4. Cosmetics

Skincare and makeup are essential if you are a girl. You can put these waters, lotions, serums and facial cleansers in your vanity case or pouch. If your suitcase doesn't fit your vanity bag or vanity case, you can pull them away on the suitcase, which frees up a lot of space for other things in the suitcase.

5. Packing of suits and shirts

For business people, business trips may involve some slightly formal occasions. At this time, suits and shirts are essential. We all know that suits and shirts are easy to wrinkle, so how to keep suits and shirts in the suitcase without wrinkling when traveling on business? You can roll up the belt and put it on the neckline of your shirt for support, or roll it into a cylindrical shape, or buy a special mesh bag. The suits are mostly made of wool. Fold the whole piece inside and out first, then fold the whole piece on top of the suitcase to avoid scuffing the surface of the suit.

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