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5 Ways To Deal With Excess Luggage
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5 Ways To Deal With Excess Luggage

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When going out, luggage is an indispensable item for us, but sometimes, especially when traveling, we may purchase a lot of new things and cause the luggage to be overweight. If the luggage carried by aircraft is too heavy, it may affect flight safety. Therefore, the airline will calculate the weight that each aircraft can carry, and therefore limit the luggage weight of passengers. In addition, too heavy luggage can also cause safety problems for the porters. Excessive luggage is likely to cause the ground crew to be injured due to improper force due to sudden weight during the handling process, resulting in serious consequences. So what should you do if you have excess luggage?

1. Swap the old for the new

Before going out, you can wear old clothes, shoes, etc. that you would have thrown away, and then throw them in the local area. This way your new clothes and shoes can be worn on your body instead of in your suitcase. If you are traveling for more than a week, it is best to prepare daily disposable underwear, so that the space occupied by the underwear can be solved, and the most important thing is that it is much more hygienic.

2. Lightweight but sturdy luggage.

Lightweight luggage can make your luggage itself weigh less so you can pack more. But that doesn't mean buying a suitcase with a weak outer shell, as such suitcases are shock-resistant and can be easily damaged.

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3. Bring travel-size or gift-size makeup and skin care products.

Carrying travel-size or gift packs of makeup and skincare products is definitely a great way to save space and reduce luggage weight when traveling. After all, you can't use that much when you go out for a few days.

4. Wear heavier clothes on your body.

Wearing heavy clothes on your body avoids taking up space and adding weight to the suitcase, which will be a good way to avoid overloading the suitcase.

5. Become an Airline Member!

If you regularly fly with the same airline, after reaching a certain membership level. Even with an economy class ticket, you can check in an extra piece of baggage or increase the checked baggage weight for free.

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