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4 Great Luggage Creative Ideas
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4 Great Luggage Creative Ideas

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Nowadays, luggage has more and more functions, and it is also more creative. Today we are going to share those very creative luggage designs.

1. Auto-follow luggage

The luggage we bring when we go out is something we find more troublesome. Of course, it is best to have an assistant to help you carry the bag and take care of the luggage, but this is not practical for most people. This auto-follow luggage can help you. The suitcase is equipped with 3 Bluetooth signal receivers, which can automatically track the user's location, and can calculate the amount of air compression through its own special processor to confirm the actual distance from the owner. Once the luggage loses contact with the owner, the mobile phone will automatically alarm, and it will self-lock to prevent theft.

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2. Vacuum luggage

This vacuum luggage was created by designer Yejee Lee etc. As long as you put the clothes inside, and press the telescopic handle after closing it, the air will be drawn out from the inside, and the thick clothes will be pressed thin, so that more clothes can be stored. It won the 2011 Red Dot Design Award.

3. A suitcase for storing suits

LAT56 has launched a suitcase specially designed to store suits. It is smaller in size and can be carried inside the cabin. You can put a suit or dress in a special storage bag, roll it up and put it in the box, which can effectively prevent wrinkles, which is very suitable for business people.

4. Multipurpose luggage

This so-called multi-purpose suitcase looks like the largest soft-faced suitcase. The most amazing thing is that when you arrive at the hotel, open the suitcase and erect the brackets layer by layer, the suitcase becomes a four-layer open wardrobe. The front panel of the suitcase stands up, and three zippered pockets can be sorted for clutter. The four-layer partition is enough to classify and place various clothes, and the box below is more practical than the large drawer. A multi-purpose suitcase is enough to replace a cabinet, which is very convenient. What's more, everything is here and you won't forget your belongings in the hotel when you leave.

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