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12 storage skills you must learn when traveling
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12 storage skills you must learn when traveling

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You must have had this experience during your travels. You don't take too many things. When you organize the boxes, they are always full. You have to squeeze the belt to close the lid every time. You may even find that there are What is left out... In fact, you may not use the right method. Mastering a reasonable storage method can reduce the use of space.

1. Roll up clothes

Rolling up clothes during travel can not only be done quickly, but more importantly, it can save more space and reduce the wrinkles of clothes.

Travel luggage

2. Cleverly folded underwear

Underwear often annoys girls on travel, because the underwear is too easy to be crushed, and it will not look good after being deformed. Therefore, it is recommended that the underwear can be stored in a layered manner, and the underwear should be folded into the extra space of the underwear. In addition to maintaining a good shape, it can also cleverly save space.

3. Shower cap storage shoes

You need to prepare one or two pairs of shoes during travel. Dirty soles are you worried about soiling your suitcase? Used shower caps can perfectly solve this problem! Everything has its value.

4. The cling film is sealed to prevent overflow

Want to bring toner or shampoo, but are afraid of spilling it to soil the clothes in your suitcase? Don't worry, you only need this one step to get it done!

5. Prepare drying paper in the luggage

The clothes in the suitcase will inevitably have a damp and odor. When there is no time to dry, you only need to put a few clothes drying paper in the suitcase to make the clothes in the whole suitcase smell like freshly washed.

6. Always have all-match clothes

Be sure to bring that all-match one when traveling! Not only can it be mixed and matched with various clothes, it can also save space and reduce the weight of luggage.

7. Use old contact lens cases skillfully

Cosmetics must be brought when traveling, but several large bottles of cosmetics are too heavy! Then use the used contact lens case and put it in an appropriate amount, which is very convenient to carry.

Travel luggage

8. Make good use of socks

The contents of glass bottles are always fragile, (such as perfume bottles) do not prevent them from being put into the socks. In addition to preventing breaking, it can prevent scratching the contents of the box after it really breaks, and the socks also become fragrant. 

9. Store the reverse side of the clothes

Not all clothes need to be folded and folded. For more formal clothes, you should choose the reverse fold. In addition to avoiding wrinkles, this folding can also prevent colored clothes from staining on white clothes.

10. Prepare an extra storage bag

Prepare an extra canvas bag during travel. In addition to using it during the trip, you can also store dirty clothes you have worn.

11. Unified storage of electrical equipment

You must bring a charger or other thread-like items when traveling. In order to avoid knotting or getting lost in the suitcase, you can use the glasses case to store it.

12.Place the heavy object on the end near the wheel

If you put heavy objects on the top of the suitcase, it will only push the things down as you travel, and mess up the inside of the suitcase.

I believe that after getting your suitcase, your travel will be more relaxed and happy!

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