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Why Did The Suitcase Burst Open?
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Why Did The Suitcase Burst Open?

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Luggage is an essential item for us to travel. Sometimes we may have too many items, causing the suitcase to be very full, so some people will worry about whether the suitcase in this state will burst. In fact, this is possible, and generally speaking, there are several reasons for the luggage to burst.

1. Packing too many items caused the suitcase to bursting.

The capacity of suitcases of different brands will be different. Some brands will sacrifice their capacity to take care of fashion and design special-shaped boxes. The advantage is that they will look good and show their personality. The downside is that they don't hold a lot of stuff. So if you want to avoid the luggage bursting, don't overpack items. Or you can use items such as air compression bags to compress the clothing so that it can hold more. But be careful not to be overweight. In addition to the size requirements for checked luggage at the airport, there are also requirements for the weight. The sorting system of the airport runs very fast, and the maximum height difference between the top and bottom is more than ten meters. If the overweight luggage does not go through the out-of-standard aisle, it may slip out of the track in the airport sorting system, causing the luggage to fall and cause fatal injuries to the luggage, that is, it falls and explodes.

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2. The quality of the suitcase zipper or lock is not good enough or the design is unreasonable, causing the suitcase to burst open

If it is a zippered suitcase, the quality of the zipper and the stitching process of the box body and the zipper cloth will affect the explosion-proof ability of the suitcase.

If it is an aluminum frame luggage, the luggage case is closed completely by the aluminum frame snap lock to close the box. If there is a problem with the quality of the aluminum frame and lock, the explosion-proof performance cannot be guaranteed.

3. The suitcase is squeezed by the impact of external force, causing it to burst.

As we mentioned earlier, if you close the suitcase smoothly, it is not overweight. Although it is a bit laborious, it has withstood the test. It still has the last level to pass, which is the external force. For example, although your luggage does not fly out in the sorting system, it is hit by oversized luggage, and it is very likely to burst open. In order to prevent this, you can increase the straps of the luggage, both in-line straps and cross straps are acceptable.

When the suitcase is exploded, it is usually accompanied by damage to the zipper and aluminum frame. Once the suitcase explodes, it is basically scrapped, so we must pay attention to protect it.

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