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Which Material Is Best For Softshell Luggage?
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Which Material Is Best For Softshell Luggage?

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Softshell suitcases come in different materials, so do you know which materials are best for softshell suitcases?

1. Polyester

Polyester is often used in less expensive cloth boxes because it is less expensive than nylon. Performance-wise, polyester fibers are less durable and less scratch and tear resistant than nylon or canvas. However, it is a bit lighter than nylon, which is one of its advantages.

2. Oxford cloth

Oxford cloth is a breathable basket weave originally made of cotton, which is now often blended with other fabrics such as rayon and polyester. This is the result of a special weaving process known as Oxford weaving, from which it takes its name. At the time, Oxford cloth was most commonly used in clothing, especially casual wear. But Oxford cloth is also used in suitcases, and even some leading brands are using the material. For luggage, the cloth typically has a water resistance of around 600D and has excellent abrasion and tear resistance.

3. Nylon

Nylon is more expensive than oxford cloth, so expensive luggage is usually made of this material. Nylon also has higher abrasion and tear resistance, making it ideal for fabric suitcases. One thing to note is that nylon is a bit heavier than oxford cloth.


4. Ballistic Nylon

Although ballistic nylon is made of nylon, its properties are not identical. It is braided differently and is made of thicker and heavier threads. It's mostly used in backpacks and other travel gear, and it gives you a rough finish and is heavier than regular nylon. It has higher tear and abrasion resistance than regular nylon or polyester.

5. Canvas

Canvas is a woven fabric made of cotton, linen or blends. Rarely used in luggage, but common in backpacks and other travel products. It is stronger than regular polyester, but not as strong as nylon. Since it's made of organic material rather than plastic, it's less durable and will start to rot if left in damp conditions. It's also heavier than polyester or nylon and very expensive. Because of its more natural appearance, it is more common in backpacks, duffel bags and jackets than in suitcases.

6. Leather

Although leather was widely used in suitcases in the 1950s, it was not as fast as aluminum and plastic. Leather is currently only widely used in handbags, backpacks and duffel bags. Leather is more durable than polyester and most nylons. The main disadvantage of leather suitcases is that they are very bulky and expensive.

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