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What should I do if the luggage rod can't be pulled out?
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What should I do if the luggage rod can't be pulled out?

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When you buy a suitcase, what are the things you should pay attention to? Friends around the editor will think about the price, color, material, etc. when buying suitcases, they often ignore the small aspects of the role of the lever, the universal wheel and the zipper lock. The largest area of stress is the luggage rod and luggage universal wheel, so this is what the editor wants to tell you that the quality of these key components cannot be ignored when buying luggage.

Although the design and craftsmanship of the luggage are very much related to the material and processing technology of the suitcase, it is still easy to happen that the lever cannot be pulled out during the process of using the suitcase unreasonably. It cannot be used happily.

How does the luggage rod work?

When we use the luggage rod, we will see that there are several groups of symmetrically convex semi-circular balls on the outside of the rod. These groups of small balls can fit in the slot on the wall of the rod, these points are the luggage The key point of work is to change the direction of movement of objects. This kind of technology is used on the umbrellas that we use every day. Does this mean everyone understands this? That's right, the luggage trolley is exactly similar to the umbrella.

What should I do if the luggage rod cannot be pulled out?

1. Tear the liner from the inside, find the small pimple that is stuck at the position of the pull rod, press it in and pull out the pull rod;

2. Open the bottom zipper on the inside of the lever to see if the lever cannot be pushed down;

3. Try to add some lubricating oil, this is generally the case with trolley cases;

4. Hold the handle with both hands to lift the box and shake the box;

5. It may be that the bead is stuck, just install the bead or remove the bead.

6. If the rod of the trolley case is seriously damaged, you can directly find after-sales service.

If the above methods still cannot pull out the lever, the lever of the box has been damaged in most cases, and the box cannot be used normally.

Tips: When using the suitcase, you must use and transport the suitcase in a reasonable and appropriate manner. The suitcase should be cleaned and maintained in a timely manner. If you want to love yourself as you love your suitcase, the use time of the suitcase can be extended.

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