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What material is the wheel of the trolley case to be mute?
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What material is the wheel of the trolley case to be mute?

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A good wheel is made of pure natural rubber. It is extremely elastic and has a good shock absorption effect. At the same time, you must choose a high-density bearing universal wheel, which can rotate smoothly in 360 degrees without dead angles to ensure silence.

The trolley case generally uses universal wheels. There are many materials for manufacturing universal wheels. The most common materials are nylon, polyurethane, rubber, cast iron and other materials. Among them, the rubber wheels have low running sound, low noise and stable machinery. They have the functions of supporting the body, buffering external impacts, reducing vibration and lowering temperature, and are deeply loved by users.

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Rubber wheel maintenance:

1. Detect the visible wear degree of the tire surface. The "flat spots" on the tire surface can indicate the accumulation of foreign matter. Check whether the wheel bearings are damaged. If the parts are not damaged, they can be reassembled and used again. If the wheel is often entangled with debris, it is recommended to install an anti-wrap cover to avoid .

2. Loose casters or stuck wheels can also cause "flat points". Proper maintenance and inspection, especially checking the tightness of bolts, the amount of lubricating oil, and replacing damaged casters can enhance the rolling performance and rotation flexibility of the equipment.

3. Severe damage or loosening of rubber tires may cause unstable rolling, abnormal load, and damage to the bottom plate.

4. After checking and repairing the wheels, determine whether the bolts and nuts are tightened. Use lock washers or lock nuts on all bolts as much as possible. If the bolt is loose, tighten it immediately.

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