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What To Do With Old Suitcases?
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What To Do With Old Suitcases?

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When we go out, a suitcase is indispensable to help us store some clothes and daily toiletries, so that we can travel conveniently. But the suitcases are always used and broken. At this time, many people throw these broken suitcases away, but in fact, you can continue to use them.

1. As a pet’s nest

Many people keep some cute pets at home, bringing more laughter and laughter to the family and making life a little more fun. But no matter the space in the home, pets should have a place to rest. You can split a broken suitcase in half and make it a two-tier cot with soft cushions so your pets have their own place to rest.

2. As a removable flower pot

Put some soil in the suitcase, then plant your favorite flowers, put it on the balcony, in the living room, etc. And they can all move back and forth at will. Such flower pots will bring you more scenic decoration.

3. As a storage case

When we buy luggage, the most consideration is the function of storage and storage. Now the suitcase can't be used for various reasons, but although we can't take the suitcase out, it doesn't mean that we can't use it at home. We only need to carry out simple decoration on the luggage, plus multi-functional storage, a simple and beautiful storage case is completed.

4. Retro decoration in the living room

Are you willing to throw away the suitcase that has gone through the vicissitudes of life? Why not display them in the living room as decoration? You can also simply draw some paintings on the suitcase to match the decoration style of the living room as much as possible.

Do you have old suitcases at home? If you're thinking of throwing away those old suitcases, try these creative ideas.

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