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What Is The Best Material For Luggage?
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What Is The Best Material For Luggage?

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There is a wide range of luggage on the market, so you need to choose different materials for different purposes, so what kind of luggage is better and more popular? Let BUBULE analyse the various materials for you.

ABS plastic

This is a relatively new material, to ask what material trolley case is good, if we say what kind of trolley case material is the most popular recently, then no thought is the ABS trolley case.

Its main characteristics are: the material is lighter, flexible, rigid and able to withstand larger impacts. It keeps the contents of your trolley case safe from damage.

As the saying goes, people can't be seen, sea water can't be measured, ABS is also this material, look up this ABS trolley case is very fragile, as if touching down will break, in fact his flexibility and hardness beyond your imagination, the average adult standing on it are no problem, cleaning is more convenient.


As long as it is properly stored, the case is very mention the price of the body, with leather is not environmentally friendly. But cowhide trolley case material is the most expensive, and there are many disadvantages, there is no value for money in terms of, also more afraid of water, afraid of wear, afraid of pressure, afraid of scratch.

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PVC material

The biggest disadvantage is heavy, moving about 20 pounds, generally speaking many airlines limit in 20 kg, which means that the box weight accounts for half of it.

But as a hard case material is also very good, like a tough guy, drop-resistant, impact-resistant, waterproof, wear-resistant, stylish, can be said to be much stronger than ABS material, is the strongest in the case, the surface is smooth, good-looking, also will not be due to brutal handling and worry about scratches.

PC material

It can be said that it is much stronger than ABS material, and is the strongest of the cases, with a smooth, good-looking surface.

It is also the most common and popular hard case in the market nowadays, which is drop-resistant, impact-resistant, waterproof, wear-resistant and stylish.

PU leather material

As the name suggests, it is made of artificial leather pu, the disadvantage is that it is not wear-resistant and not strong enough, but the price is low. The advantage of this kind of box is that it is very similar to the cowhide material, which looks high-class, but is not as afraid of water as the leather box.

Oxford cloth material

This material is similar to nylon, belongs to the fabric class material, and are very wear-resistant, the disadvantage is that this trolley case material is uniform, in the airport is not good to distinguish the luggage, and relatively heavy, but check-in and so on do not have to worry about will bring harm to the box, with a few years or the same as the original.

Oxford cloth material with the increase of time, the surface will wear, may use a few times to show very old.

  • Oxford cloth: also known as Oxford spinning, the original colour fabric. It is easy to wash and dry, has a soft hand, good moisture absorption, comfortable to wear and other characteristics. Oxford cloth is mostly made of polyester-cotton blended yarns interwoven with cotton yarns, using weft-heavy flat or square flat tissue.

Canvas material

This fabric is a thick, thick fabric woven with multiple strands of warp and weft yarns, which is dense and thick, stiff to the touch, firm and wear-resistant.

However, the biggest advantage of canvas is the same as Oxford cloth is wear-resistant, and the disadvantage is that the impact resistance is not as good as Oxford cloth, canvas material on the colour is very uniform, there may be some surface is brighter.

Look good, but with the accumulation of time, there is an old unique sense of vicissitudes. Canvas trolley case than Oxford cloth trolley case than to wear, but also a little more hard. Oxford cloth trolley case breathable but not waterproof, canvas trolley case waterproof but not breathable.

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