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Trendy color trolley case to take out and pleasing to the eye
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Trendy color trolley case to take out and pleasing to the eye

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The trolley case is also catching up with the trend of popular colors. I have to say that the trolley case with popular colors is really pleasing to the eyes, and the scenery seems to be beautiful.

Neutral gray, which has been low-key in the fashion circle for so long, has finally "struck"! After all, they can be regarded as high-grade gray in the art world. With their simple and atmospheric temperament, they have become a classic, which is not worse than other colors.

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If such a low-key atmospheric color climbed into your suitcase, can you imagine that your suitcase will also reveal a sense of indifference?

There is no extra color decoration, just a rare sense of tranquility can be enjoyed in simple, this is the most worthwhile journey. Holding such a box that can bring calm wind to your heart lake, embarking on the journey will definitely be a pleasure. The neutral gray with a very cold wind is very atmospheric and fashionable. In addition to the amazing color, its function is also worth mentioning. Don't look at people's small body, there is a large-capacity expansion layer hidden inside, which is 30% more than the traditional box! And there is no sound when pulling, the mute effect is great. The era of the crunchy hard case of the neutral gray travel trolley case has passed, and the softer and more flexible mild steel plate has come to show its strength, and its impact resistance is also very strong. There are specific frosted dots on the surface of the box, which will not scratch your beautiful luggage.

Ballet shoes pink, a different travel time.

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After the cornel powder, there is a big pink line to harvest the girl's heart. Different from the cornel powder and delicate, the ballet shoes pink is sweet with a touch of coldness. Imagine that there is always such a bright color to accompany you when you travel, and you will be very happy both physically and mentally, right? The pink trolley case of ballet shoes can bring you a romantic mood. Isn't it wonderful to keep a pure beauty and romance ahead of an unknown journey?

When a touch of natural color jumps on the suitcase, this journey is definitely a different kind of excitement. Different from the fresh vegetation green, dark spruce green is more like the color of the deep jungle, revealing the breath of nature, like an evergreen tree.

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When you walk on the road of a beautiful small village, feeling the fresh air and fragrance, among the many tourists, you may not be conspicuous enough, but this dark spruce green suitcase is definitely the most special one. The moderately light-striped suitcase is directly made of dark spruce green PC material, which makes the color look more natural. The handle is made of pa-composite soft rubber material, which makes the grip very comfortable. The space division inside is also quite reasonable. The items you need to bring on your trip are naturally appropriate. Your travel is almost domineering deep peony blue.

Because of the popular colors of autumn and winter, they all have cool colors, and the deep peony blue is also, revealing a noble and glamorous style. Some trolley boxes took a look at its domineering and moved them to the boxes one after another.

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As literary and artistic youths, we are always eager for a walk-and-go trip. On the way to find poetry and the distance, we need a pleasing suitcase.

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