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Packing Luggage For Children Under The Age Of Two
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Packing Luggage For Children Under The Age Of Two

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Luggage is a necessary product for us to travel. For people with children, in addition to packing their own luggage, they also need to pack their children's luggage. Today we mainly talk about packing luggage for children under the age of two

1. Children under the age of 2 have low physical stability, and it is not recommended to drag luggage by themselves. Therefore, even if the child's belongings are to be packed in a separate suitcase, parents are required to pull the suitcase. The seat box should also be selected based on the height of adults and the convenience of dragging.

2. Even if it is a trip within 3 days, when the child's belongings are to be placed in the adult suitcase together with the adult's belongings, it is recommended to prepare a medium-sized suitcase of more than 20 inches.

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3. Children under the age of 2 cannot completely rely on ordinary food to meet nutritional intake, because the digestive system is still self-constructing, and children in this period still need breast milk, milk powder or complementary food to meet nutritional intake. Therefore, the main contents of the luggage under the age of 2 are the food-related ingredients or small electrical appliances. So it is very important that the luggage has enough space for these things.

4. After putting food-related items in the suitcase, there will be a lot of blank space. These remaining spaces can be filled in by filling in the blanks, folded clothes, diapers, and bath towels. This will ensure that the items in the entire area can be placed securely in the box, safe and secure.

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