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Notes on travel
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Notes on travel

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Since it is a trip, many people are very excited at first. They will pack their luggage in advance, but some tourists will bring unnecessary things. This will undoubtedly increase your burden on the journey and also affect your mood. Today I will tell you about the precautions during travel. You will avoid a lot of trouble.

When traveling, everyone wants ease. Then don't bring a particularly large suitcase. Of course, I know everyone wants to bring everything they think they need. However, it is convenient and inconvenient to consider. Also, if you bring air, the weight of the suitcase is There are requirements. If you are overweight, you have to pay the excess luggage amount. Also, if you arrive at your destination, if you drag a large suitcase on the road, your hands are not enough. You have to pay attention to the suitcase and look for the hotel at the same time, which will cause unnecessary trouble.

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Also, don't bring too many clothes. Although everyone wants to dress beautifully when traveling, but if you bring too many clothes, you may not be able to wear them. Not only does this take up too much luggage space, but you still take it back, so you still have to Bring a few versatile clothes and change them back and forth. However, if you want to take photos, it's a different matter. However, the important thing about travel is to relax, not to take pictures, so we have to pay attention to this.

When preparing to travel, some people will go to the supermarket to buy a lot of snacks, thinking about what to do if they are hungry on the road. It turns out that the local cuisine is readily available. Who would think of those snacks, how to bring them back, how to bring them back? Moreover, some snacks that you want to buy that won't last for a few days will also spoil, and the gains outweigh the losses.

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After that, let's talk about a few things you need to bring. Bring more cash, because some scenic spots can't be paid by QR code, or you need cash to buy, just bring some.

Since it is a tourist, then you have to do a good strategy. You can't go to a place blindly. If you do not value the local history and culture, then this trip may not make much sense to you. You cannot feel the charm of the local culture. There are also some attractions that are more popular with tourists. Therefore, a good strategy is the best choice.

You still need to prepare some common medicines when you go out. If you go to the mountains, you can prevent mosquito bites and cold medicine, because everyone is happy to travel. In case of a small cold or something, you must be aware of it.

Traveling is about relaxation, so let yourself have fun.

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