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List of items needed for travel
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List of items needed for travel

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1. Credentials: Schoolbags and suitcases, suitcases or large schoolbags, small schoolbags: must be brought, after storing your luggage, carry important items on your back, you can easily travel, ID cards, student cards and other discount cards, driver's license, passport, cash ,Bank card.

2. Clothing: Clothes, shoes, slippers, swimwear, sunglasses, hats, scarves, masks.

3. Personal toiletries: The hotel toiletries are usually of poor quality or poor hygiene. When circumstances permit, it is best to bring them with you for more sanitation and peace of mind. You can purchase small travel outfit items.

Travel luggage

4. Electronics and other small items: Mobile phones, chargers, power banks, earphones, cameras, umbrellas, combs, small mirrors.

5. Commonly used medicines: Some countries are strict on medicines. Before going abroad, you must know whether the medicines you carry can leave the country.

Extended information:

Travel luggage

In addition to thoroughly checking whether the documents are brought together before going out, it is best to use a mobile phone or camera to take photos of the front and back of each document for storage. It is best to have a copy of the ticket and send it to your mailbox for archiving. In addition, you must bring two ID photos in case you need to reissue your lost ID when you go out. If you are traveling abroad, please be sure to write down the address and phone number of your nationality at the destination embassy.

If you travel for a long time and no one can help to look after the house, you can consider installing an automatic light timer (Automatic Light Timer). After installation, the light will switch on and off according to the time set by yourself, so that outsiders think there is someone in the house. Play an anti-theft effect to a certain extent.

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