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Is it better to have a travel bag or a luggage suitcase when traveling?
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Is it better to have a travel bag or a luggage suitcase when traveling?

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Now, when people are free, they like to travel. When traveling, there are many ways to carry luggage. The most common method is to use travel bags and trolley cases. Both of them greatly facilitated our trip. But when traveling, which one is better, carrying a travel bag or pulling a suitcase?

Whether traveling abroad or domestically, people can always see someone carrying a suitcase or someone dragging a suitcase. Both of them play a certain role in the baggage loading process, but they are very different in terms of labor saving and convenience. Due to the different functions of luggage and luggage in different situations, it is difficult to evaluate their quality.

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You like to go mountain climbing or see some natural scenery, a backpack is the best choice. Because we go to these places, basically in the wild, we need to use our hands to climb the mountain and bring a travel bag to completely liberate our hands, so that we have more opportunities to do other things. If we take a backpack, our resistance to hiking will be much smaller. Apart from a little pressure on the back, a backpack is no different from walking. In addition, when climbing a mountain or hiking in the wild, if you want to drink some water or eat some food to replenish energy, it is particularly convenient to put it in your travel bag. When you need food, you can take it out directly.

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If you like to go to tourist attractions, then choosing a suitcase is undoubtedly the best. In general, like the net scenic area, their infrastructure is very good, and the road surface is also very flat, so it is more convenient to pull the suitcase. If we pull the box, there is no need to move it. Then our back will rest well. Moreover, when we are tired of walking, we can also sit on the suitcase to rest and use it as a stool to follow us, which is also a good choice. If you plan to stay in the scenic area for a few more days, you can put the suitcase directly in the hotel, and then easily ride a ride, so your experience will be better.

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