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Is it better to buy a zipper luggage box or an aluminum luggage box?
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Is it better to buy a zipper luggage box or an aluminum luggage box?

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Many people will wonder whether it is better to buy a zipper luggage box or an aluminum luggage box.

When it comes to suitcases, let's talk about their advantages and disadvantages. After reading them, I believe many friends will know how to buy suitcases that suit them!In addition to the different sealing methods, the suitcase materials are also different.

The materials of the zipper luggage box body are generally cloth (canvas, oxford, nylon), leather (leather, artificial leather) and plastic (PC, ABS) boxes, which are generally soft.
The materials generally used for aluminum frame luggage box body are plastic (PC, ABS) and magnesium aluminum alloy.

Zipper luggage box

✩ Advantages

1. Light weight

Compared with metal materials, cloth, leather and plastic, the overall quality is much lighter. After all, the suitcase needs to follow people. Although there are wheels, it is inevitable that there will be cases of moving up and down the floor, and the soft case will save a lot of effort.

2. Install much
Because it is soft, it is flexible, and the space utilization is higher, so it is installed more. There are various shapes of things that we carry in our suitcases, and they will inevitably squeeze when they are full. You can stretch it with flexibility.

3. More impact resistant
The toughness of the soft box is stronger, and it can rebound after being deformed by impact, and the drop resistance and wear resistance will be better.

✩ Disadvantages

1. Poor water and stain resistance

Cloth boxes are braided and not waterproof. There are also cloths with waterproof function, but there is still a gap compared with plastic boxes and metal boxes. Another point is that the braid is easy to be dirty, it is very inconvenient to clean, the leather surface is more delicate, the artificial leather plastic and metal box are much more resistant to dirt and wipe and wash.

2. Poor fashion
It is not easy to make a stylish box in appearance. Leather suitcases are better than cloth suitcases. They can be very textured, but they are very afraid of scratching. Plastic boxes and metal boxes have much more room to play, and they can make many unique appearances. The play space of color and texture is much larger than that of soft boxes.

3. Weak protection of internal items
The soft case is flexible, but it is more susceptible to internal injuries. If you need to carry valuable instruments such as cameras and computers, there is a risk of falling.

Aluminum luggage box

✩ Advantages

1. Good internal space protection

The strength of the hard box is high, and it is better than the soft box in compression, waterproof and protection of internal items. The earliest hard case was made of aluminum, which is lighter than other metals. However, aluminum is relatively soft and easily corroded, so magnesium was later added to improve strength and corrosion resistance.

Later, with the maturity of plastic technology, there are high-strength plastics such as PC, and slowly the combination of PC + aluminum frame hard box.

2. Styling texture
Mentioned earlier. Whether it is a PC aluminum frame or a magnesium-aluminum alloy box, it will look more textured than a cloth box and have better fashion and functionality.

✩ Disadvantages

1. Heavy
This has just been said. Because it is an aluminum frame box, the material used is aluminum, and the weight is naturally heavier.

2. Limited space
It's not difficult to understand that the aluminum box can't fit in the box.

3. No rebound or scratch resistance after impact
The soft box will recover after a few drops, and the hard box will hit a pit. The small bump can be knocked back with a small hammer from the inside. When encountering a violent violent consignment, you may encounter irreparable injuries. If the aluminum frame is smashed and deformed, the box will not fit.

After reading the above analysis, does the guys know what type of suitcase you wants?

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