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How to clean and maintain the trolley case fabric
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How to clean and maintain the trolley case fabric

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The trolley case is something we often use. Whether it is going to school, business trip or traveling, a practical trolley case is indispensable. The trolley case can store the required items and is very convenient to carry, so it is loved by everyone. Many people don't pay attention to cleaning and maintenance after purchasing the trolley case. Over time, the trolley case is scarred and worn out after less than a year of use. In fact, as long as the daily maintenance and care are in place, the trolley case can accompany us for a long time! How to clean and maintain the trolley case fabric? Let's take a look!

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Trolley case fabric cleaning and maintenance:

1.For stains and spots, wipe off the dirt with a clean sponge and mild soap, then wipe it off with water, and then let the leather dry naturally. If the stain is very stubborn, it may be treated with a detergent solution, but it must be wiped carefully to avoid damage to the leather surface.

2. High temperature and sunlight Try not to let the leather products come into contact with the sunlight or close to any heater, otherwise the leather will become dry and the elasticity and softness of the leather will gradually disappear.

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3. After splashing with juice, wipe the juice with a clean cloth or sponge immediately. If necessary, use a cloth dipped in clean warm water to wipe off the juice, and then let the leather dry naturally.

4. Dip butter or grease, wipe off the grease on the surface with a clean cloth, and let the remaining grease stains slowly penetrate into the leather. Never use water to wipe the grease stains.

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