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How To Prevent The Smell Of Clothes In The Suitcase?
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How To Prevent The Smell Of Clothes In The Suitcase?

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Clothes will inevitably have some odor after being stored in the suitcase for a long time. In fact, the culprit of the odor of clothes is bacteria and microorganisms. So how to solve this annoying problem?

1. Use laundry care solution

Clothes care solution not only prevents static electricity, softens clothes, but also deodorizes them. Just follow the proportions on the packaging of the clothing care solution, wash the odorous clothing, soak it for 3 minutes, then spin it dry and hang it on the balcony to air dry.

2. Use salt to remove odor

Take some warm water, add some salt and stir to dissolve. Then wash the clothes in salt water for 3 minutes, so that the washed clothes are not only odorless, but also brighter in color.

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3. Use white vinegar and milk to deodorize

For clothes with a musty smell, you can choose to use white vinegar and milk to remove the odor. Add some white vinegar and milk to a basin of clear water and stir until smooth. Then add moldy clothes, soak for about 10 minutes, white vinegar and milk will decompose the mold. Then take the clothes out, rinse with water, and the musty smell is completely gone.

4. Air-drying

If you are in a hurry to wear clothes, you can use a hair dryer to solve the problem of its odor. Turn the hair dryer to the cool setting, then blow it evenly on the clothes for about 10 to 15 minutes, and then shake it hard a few times, and the odor is gone.

5. Steam method

The bathroom just after a hot shower is full of moisture, and you can hang your smelly clothes in the bathroom. Wait 10 minutes, then take the clothes to a ventilated place to dry, and you can wear clean and fresh clothes the next day. This is because in the process of evaporation, the odor is taken away by the water vapor, thereby realizing the function of deodorization.

6. Biological enzyme sterilization method

If you think the above methods are too cumbersome, then you can use a spray containing complex biological enzymes. The composite biological enzyme has a super active catalytic function, which can quickly decompose pollutant molecules and kill bacteria and microorganisms through active catalysis. Just spray the spray containing compound biological enzymes 30 to 40 cm away from the clothes evenly.

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