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How To Choose The Material Of The Suitcase?
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How To Choose The Material Of The Suitcase?

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When traveling or traveling on business, a beautiful and easy-to-use travel trolley seems to be essential. A suitable trolley case can greatly reduce our burden. When we choose the case, there is a dazzling selection of materials such as leather, Oxford cloth, ABS, PC, PP, aluminum-magnesium alloy, etc. Let's take a look at these suitcases of different materials today!

1. Hard suitcase

A hard suitcase, as the name suggests, is a suitcase with a hard outer shell. Hard suitcases are generally made of aluminum alloys. Their appearance is beautiful, and their durability, wear resistance, and impact resistance can also protect the items in the case well. But they will be a little more expensive and will weigh a little more than cases of other materials. Relatively speaking, aluminum alloy suitcases are more suitable for scenarios with superior travel conditions and special car transfers.

2. ABS resin suitcase

ABS resin is a commonly used engineering plastic. Its main characteristics are that it is lighter than other materials, and its surface is relatively flexible and rigid. And its impact resistance will better protect the items inside. They are easier to clean, but the disadvantage is that they tend to scratch and break easily.

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3. PC resin suitcase

PC resin has the characteristics of impact resistance, thermal distortion resistance, high hardness, and good toughness and elasticity, which is much better than ABS, but the disadvantage is that the price of luggage made of pure PC material will be higher.

4. ABS+PC suitcase

The suitcase made of ABS and PC is a cost-effective choice at present. It is characterized by good toughness, sufficient elasticity, and good compression resistance, and the case is not easy to break when it is collided.

5. Soft luggage

Most soft luggage is made of fabric. At present, the common soft luggage materials on the market are generally Oxford cloth material, PU leather material and canvas material. Most soft luggage is made of chemical synthetic fiber materials such as Oxford cloth, which are affordable and durable. The soft case is light in weight, has a large internal space and is more flexible for luggage, but because of its overall softness, it cannot protect the contents of the case very well. However, the drop resistance and wear resistance of the soft case are much higher than that of the hard case. Even if it is rough handling at the airport, the soft case can stand the test. When we travel for a long time, we can pack items such as clothes that are not easy to be damaged in the soft case, and give full play to the characteristics of flexible loading and impact resistance of the soft case.

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