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Backpack Or Suitcase, Which Is Better For Travel?
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Backpack Or Suitcase, Which Is Better For Travel?

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When traveling, we will choose backpacks or suitcases to carry the items we need to carry, so which is better, backpacks or suitcases? Which one should you choose?

In fact, whether you choose a backpack or a suitcase to travel depends on your travel destination, travel time and your personal preferences.

1. Domestic travel

If your trip is less than 7 days, if you prefer a backpack, then you can choose a larger backpack, of course, if you prefer a suitcase, a smaller suitcase is also a good choice. If your travel time is more than 7 days, then you can get a 20-inch suitcase or a larger suitcase with you.

2. International travel

Although it's an international trip, if you're going somewhere closer and you're not going for a long time, then a small-sized suitcase is about the same. But for some places that are far away, and you are going to buy more things from the local area, then a large-sized suitcase is of course a must.

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3. Different people

Girls should choose suitcases as much as possible when traveling. After all, carrying a large bag for a long time will be very tiring and may be exhausting, while pulling a suitcase is much lighter and will help reduce a lot of burdens.

For boys who are hiking, a large backpack or a mountaineering bag is definitely a must. How can you show a wandering temperament if you don't carry your own backpack and move forward?

These are the suggestions for choosing a backpack or a suitcase when traveling. Of course, if you go out and not only carry your belongings, but also have a lot of shopping needs, it is best to carry a larger suitcase, so that your items not only have space for storage, but also more convenient and labor-saving .

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