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Advantages and disadvantages of hard shell trolley case
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Advantages and disadvantages of hard shell trolley case

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The hard-shell trolley case is stylish and beautiful in appearance and colorful, so it has always been loved by consumers. Today, we will introduce to you the advantages and disadvantages of the hard-shell trolley case, so that you can have a deeper understanding of the hard-shell trolley case.

The hard-shell trolley case has strong coloring ability, so the appearance is more colorful. Some trendy fashion elements can also be added to give the hard-shell trolley case more fashionable temperament. The commonly used materials of hard-shell trolley cases are PC, ABS, aluminum-magnesium alloy and other materials. These materials have good ductility and can be made into any shape you want when the mold is opened. Therefore, the appearance of the hard-shell trolley case will be It is more diverse. To meet the needs of consumers, there are many trolley cases in the shape of cartoon characters on the market. The interesting and fashionable styles give a lot of points to the hard-shell trolleys. This is one of the reasons why consumers prefer hard-shell trolleys.

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In addition to its excellent ductility, the hard-shell trolley case also has dimensional stability and chemical resistance, heat and cold resistance, waterproof and dirt resistance, and its high strength can meet the requirements of high pressure and high impact. Functionality can well protect the luggage in the box, and adapt to most environments, best for long-distance travel.

Regarding the shortcomings of the hard-shell trolley case, many people are more concerned about its "weight". In fact, this is not its shortcoming. It depends entirely on its material. Now commonly used PC, PP, ABS+PC will choose the purity of their material to determine their "weight". The higher the purity, the lighter the "weight". The latest PC bulletproof plastic carbon fiber can be more lightweight and thin, 800g-2kg lighter than ordinary hard cases; the higher the purity of the hard-shell trolley case, the better the functionality. This is the trolley case is divided into three Six or nine questions, you get what you pay for.

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In addition, the hard-shell trolley case has insufficient abrasion resistance and is easy to leave scratches and is not suitable for going to the field; dimensional stability makes it limited to storage, and it cannot be "large or small" like a soft trolley case; except for this Two points, the high price may be another "shortcoming" of it. Therefore, in ordinary hard-shell trolley cases, be careful of sharp objects approaching, and often use trolley case covers; do not just want to put "home" in the case, treat it well.

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